Monday, December 22, 2008

A Chrismas Poem by Rene


Twas the night before Christmas
At Johhny and Rene’s.
The Williams were snuggled
In bed with their dreams.

Even Scarlett and Rhett
For a brief Christmas stay,
Were back in their bedroom
Like long ago days.

Dear Lucky lay ready
To guard through the night,
In the house that slept under
The Christmas star lights.

Each window had candles,
Old fashioned you know!
That shined like a beacon
Of warm Christmas glow.

The lights on the wraparound
Porch sparkled bright
Setting colorful flowers
Ablaze in the night.

The Christmas tree sparkled
A glittering pink
In Victorian splendor
That make your eyes blink!

And the dining room table
Held plenty of cheer
Holding hundreds of Christmas cards
Keeping hearts near.

But this year no presents
Lay under the tree
Except those from family
And friends we received.

For Christmas was different
In 2008.
We decided the gifts
To each other could wait.

We didn’t need Santa
To come with his sleigh
With sacks full of presents
On this Christmas day.

We knew for this daughter,
This Father and Mother,
The best gift we had for this year
Was each other.

When we wake in the morning
We’ll open our eyes
With hearts full of joy
For another sunrise.

We’ll think of the babe
In the manger that morn,
Who changed all our lives
On the day He was born.

We’ll lift up our voices
In thanks and in praise,
For giving us love
To fill all of our days.

Every day is a blessing
When trusting in Christ,
To know that He lives
In our hearts is so nice.

When we look at each other
We look at HIS face
We each are a mirror
Of heavenly grace.

This Christmas is dear for
This family of three,
Holding hands singing carols
In front of the tree.

We don’t know next Christmas
If three will be here,
So we treasure this moment
Of blessings this year.

We bid you Good Christmas
And warm family love
May blessings rain down
From the heavens above.

We hope that you’ll hold
All your loved ones real tight.
And tell them how precious
They are every night.

The gifts of the spirit
Are those that will last
Today and tomorrow
Through future and past.


The Williams Family


A PROUD Army Wife said...

Rene that was absolutely beautiful. Again after reading your inspiring post I again find myself speechless.
Ralph is unable to keep up with your post any longer so I update him when I write or get a phone call. He sends his love and prayers. This the first Christmas that Ralph and I have been apart so naturally I'm not real happy. I'm focusing on Anita. I want to make things as happy as I can for her. We continue to pray for you entire family.
God Bless and Merry Christmas from the Collins home!!

jen harris said...

I love and miss you guys! I am praying for you both and believing in Christmas miracles! Have a wonderful Christmas!

amy said...

What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Janice said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem with others. I pray that you and Johnny and Scarlett have such a wonderful Christmas and enjoy just being with each other. The times spent with family are so precious and dear!!! I pray that Johnny is doing better on his new medicine and yes, I am praying for a miracle in Johnny's life. My love to all of you..Janice

Rene Williams said...

Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas from us all!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! You guys have a very Merry Christmas! Love~Sherie

Heidi said...

It will never cease to amaze me just how deep~ is the love of Christ. PRayers from MN
Merry Christmas!

Vanessa M. said... touching! I know this will be a Christmas you'll never forget.
Praying for your husband and you and Scarlett. May God's presence be very real to you on Christmas and always...

Lauren said...

Silent tears slid down my face as I read your poem. I didn't even realize I was crying until I got to the end.

Rene I am so inspired by your family's faith. Your courage in Christ has given strength to Scarlett and I know hers has given it back to you, and I just want you to know how amazing it is to see a family that truly relies on Christ each day. Thank you for the blessing of seeing it lived out :) Hopefully one of these days I'll actually be able to meet you and give you a hug!

Ginger Dupre said...

You are both such an inspiration to me. I have learned so many lessons in a short period of time reading this blog. You both are in my prayers every day.

God bless you both,