Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giving Praise for God's Lovingkindness

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You. Thus I will bless You while I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name. My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth shall praise You with joful lips.” - Psalm 63:3

I knew it was going to be a good day this morning when I walked outside and saw the clear blue beautiful sky. I smiled and belted out my morning ritual song that I always sing as I walk down the long driveway to fetch the newspaper. I’m sure the neighbors wonder about me now and then! But I figure, it couldn’t hurt for them to hear the words:

“Oh, what a beautiful morning,

Oh, what a beautiful day.

I’ve got a beautiful feeling,

Good things are coming my way.”

I sing that every morning no matter what is happening in my life. I feel like it summons the angels in the universe to listen and head my way. I am hoping that a heart that sings out praise will attract blessings to flow out from everywhere. Sure enough – we had 2 extra special blessings appear out of the blue this week. Their names are Randy and Patsy.

We haven’t seen Johnny’s brother and sister for many years but this week Patsy called and the beautiful circle of family love was once again whole. Randy called and the light in Johnny’s face, beaming while he talked to him, brought tears to my eyes. Johnny is the older brother, and during the years growing up the three of them were inseparable.

Time had taken a toll on that closeness over the years as everyone went down separate paths. Their parents died a long time ago. Johnny moved away after graduation. But something that remained in all three, was the beautiful legacy Arthur and Bernice Skipper left their children. They left them the traditions and values and knowledge of a life well lived, in a simple and beautiful and loving way.

More blessings also came from others dear to us. Ralph and Sheri Collins surprised us with my favorite flowers….ROSES and LILLIES in a magnificent arrangement amongst baby’s breath and ferns in an exquisite vase. Ralph worked with Johnny for many years, running field operations for our company. He is now serving in the military and stationed in Iraq “running field operations” on a much higher level. Sheri is running local “field operations” holding the fort down at home. Please keep them both in prayer – as well as their darling daughter Anita.

Old friends and new friends are reaching out to Johnny with calls and visits. I am glad to see him embraced so warmly with so much love. It is good for one’s soul to see the other lives you have touched now and then. I think Johnny is blessed to see how he has made a difference in some lives. My greatest definition of success is to know that “one life breathed easier because you lived.” Johnny brought a passion for living to many lives.

Johnny is sleeping away on the couch downstairs as I write. I sprayed his fresh sheets on the couch/bed with roses fragrance so he could lay down in a field of flowers! I am hoping he can rest up and enjoy the Superbowl Game on TV. I told him if he was taking Arizona I would take Pittsburgh so he would get his rivalry spirit on. Sports was something that always excited him. He was the ultimate recliner coach!

I give thanks for a peaceful heart today. My energy is returned and vitality restored. My spirit is back and I am ready for the steps in front of me with confidence and trust. I know that spring is on the way and we will endure this winter in our lives, with hearts that continue to sing His praise and glory forever.

Beautiful Blessings,



Anonymous said...

Hi Rene, your kind gesture to Johnny was so touching. Wow, a beautiful field full of fresh flowers! He is so blessed to have you as his bride! You know, good things are on the way... our Lord brings the sunshine and the spring every year. I've been hearing a lot lately that we have so much to look forward to in Heaven. Generally, all of us are dying, though some sooner than ever, our destination in Heaven is imminent. I'm praying for you, and I know you carry with you the Victory of Jesus that overcomes all things. I look up to you and admire you. I love your blog, and more than anything, I love how much you love Johnny and Scarlett. We Single girls have you as our role model. ;-)

Rene Williams said...

Franca! You are making me blush! Thank you very much for those sweet encouraging words!

We do have alot to look forward to in Heaven when we die......but also as we live here on earth. It is only a heartbeat away.......found in "the stillness" within.