Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom was on the radio!

I've always trusted that God doesn't give us "tests" with out using it to create a "test"imony. I knew at the beginning of my dad's cancer journey that He would one day use his story to reach other people. Little did I know the impact his life would go on to have with all the blog readers that followed his journey and the hundreds of you that sent him cards and followed our journey in his battle against lung cancer.

Now that he is gone, he continues to live on not only in our memories, but in other ways too. The night before Easter, my mom was interviewed on a local radio station about my dad's story by an organization called Christ's Starfish. I was so excited for her to continue sharing the beautiful story of hope and faith that my dad's memory has left behind. I keep telling her that she needs to send her blog to a Christian book publisher because what an amazing book it would make! (Anyone have any hook ups out there in blog land???)

Anyways, I just wanted to share the interview with all of you because I'm so proud of her! And it's funny how things come around because when my parents were in their first years of marriage, my mom was the first female disc jockey in Jacksonville on WQIK! So to be interviewed on the radio again talking about my dad all these years later, I just thought that was cute!

Enjoy the interview! Click the link below to play the MP3.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about you Rene! missing your blogs! Hope all is well with you! You are still in my prayers!