Sunday, January 18, 2009

The ABC's of Hope

“But sanctify the Lord in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” - 1 Peter 3:15

I’ve had several inquiries about my speaking program “The ABC’s of Hope” so I thought I’d give you a “sneak peek” of the message I want to share with folks everywhere. It is all about holding on to hope in a hopeless situation. I learned many lessons during my own battle with cancer. Hope is more than wishful thinking. It is an indispensable weapon for soul survival.

Hope is not contingent on getting the outcome you want in a situation. Hope is all about putting your trust in a power greater than you, to help you get through dire circumstances. When I was near death in the hospital during Christmas week 2004, I discovered that it did not matter whether I lived or died. We all must go one day. It mattered that I felt the presence of God, not only touching my heart, but filling my entire body and soul with a nearness that is indescribable. I knew everything would be allright, no matter what, because HE was there.

That’s victory folks! That is moving beyond fear of anything that confronts you. That is a power no man, no money, no things can give you. It is an anchor for our souls that can secure us through any storm. How do we cross the bridge to hope? We look at the anchor. We look at that which we put our trust in. We look at our Lord through new eyes – the eyes of KNOWING.

When you say you trust God my first question to you is this. Who is your God to you? Really. If I were standing in front of you right now and asked you this question would you be able to immediately respond in full? Would you be able to describe Him and everything you KNOW to be true about Him and what He does on a day to day basis for you right off the cuff? I can.

A long time ago I took Karate. One of the most important things we spent time on during each session was learning “katas” (I think that is the right name) which were choreographed fight movements. We practiced them over and over and over and over. The purpose for all the repetition was to implant them in our memory, so in the event of an unexpected fight encounter, we would not THINK but REACT automatically, with power no matter which way we were attacked. We had rehearsed every possible situation. We KNEW what to do in a way that went deeper than thinking.

I thought about this when I was reflecting on hope one day. I decided to make a list of what I KNEW God to be and all the reasons I should trust him. I also decided to imprint this upon my mind – to etch it indelibly – so in any moment of crisis I would be prepared to face the circumstance with a calm assurance of power.

I went through the alphabet and created my “hope prayer” which reminded me of everything God does for me each day. I wanted God to know how much I appreciate Him everyday. I also wanted to be prepared with an answer to anyone who asked me how I could be so hopeful. So I remembered my lessons from Karate and decided to memorize the prayer. I now recite it by heart every morning of my life or in any moment of crisis.

The ABC’s of Hope

Thank You Lord for:

Always being available to me every second, every minute, every hour, every day of my life. You are always on time no matter what time I call you. And You always answer all prayer.

Blessing me with beauty in all I see hear and touch and feel. Your beauty is everywhere and in everyone.

Comforting me with compassion when I make mistakes. Your understanding and forgiveness get me up off my knees when I am knocked down.

Designing my dreams according to Your divine plan for my life, which is always perfect for my true heart’s desire. You alone know what makes me happy, and what I was born to do.

Expecting excellence in all I say and do bringing me to my very best potential to serve you in all things great and small.

Freshening the foundation of my heart with your unconditional love and power. With You, I can do all things

Giving me grace to get through the day to handle every problem, obstacle or situation with Your divine solution.

Helping me to heal when my heart, my body or my spirit is broken. Your love is the best medicine I could ever take.

Instilling integrity in my soul to always do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place. I do unto others as I would have them do to me.

Jumpstarting my joy, with laughter and music. You keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Kindling Your kindness in me, to remind me of how to treat each person I meet, knowing each one is my neighbor.

Lifting me with love and showing me why I was created, to simply love and be loved.

Making miracles that appear each day that I can see when I look with an expectant heart

Never needing anything – because you provide me with prosperity and abundance

Overseeing the Outcome of my life – and reminding me that You are the one in control

Providing me with that peace that surpasses all understanding

Quenching my soul with quietness so I can hear your voice and direction in the stillness.

Restoring my righteousness when I lose sight of the truth. You are the beacon of light my soul follows.

Strengthening my spirit when I am weak by carrying me on your shoulders. It is at these moments that I see one set of footprints in the sand.

Teaching me to trust You that all is well all the time, even when I cannot see the light in the darkness.

Unveiling my universe and showing me the magnitude of how great Thou art when I look up at the stars or across the ocean. Your magnificence takes my breath away.

Visualizing my victory, which gives me the courage to fight for the truth.

Washing me in wisdom each morning as I set out to do Your will each day and spread Your amazing grace everywhere

Yanking out my yesterdays, to make room for my tomorrows, that are filled with your promises for today.

Zapping me with the zeal for life I know in living each day according to your will.

I am excited about the possibility of speaking to groups of any size and bringing hope to hearts that need it. I look forward to sharing a message that will help others to renew their power and faith, and to understand what God means when He tells us that nothing is impossible if we KNOW Him and TRUST Him.

Beautiful Blessings!



Jaren said...

Mrs. never fails...everytime I visit your blog, I leave feeling refreshed, encouraged, and beautifully blessed! Thank you, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Rene...I get so much encouragement for myself when I read your blogs. I continue to pray for Johnny and the battle he is going through and for you also..... .for you to stay strong both physically and emotionally throughout this journey. It truly is a journey in faith..My love to you and Johnny..Janice