Friday, January 23, 2009

Having A "Heart To Heart" With God

“Trust in Him at all times you people; pour out your heart before Him.” - Psalm 62:8

How do you talk to God? Did you ever think about your communication with Him? I have many Christian friends who have all taught me different things about my walk with God. But there is one friend in particular who taught me to talk to God.Her name is Donna Carter. We have been friends for almost 20 years. We met when her father, Jack Kulan, was placed in the nursing home I worked for. We were both going through troubled periods in our lives and used to have coffee a lot to help each other with girlfriend talk.

Back then I was still at a crossroads with my faith, and struggling to trust God enough to let Him be in control of my life. I was steering through stormy waters and feeling pretty sorry for myself, and acting accordingly. I knew there was a better way to get over some major issues, but I was too busy having a pity party back then to hear what God was trying to tell me.

And here was Donna at that time, going through major life struggles also, especially dealing with her Daddy and all the trauma of making a transition in their relationship, but yet, all she ever talked about was Jesus and the daily conversations they had, and how He was helping her through it all, and how wonderful He was, and on and on and on! I used to watch her over my coffee cup and think “she’s talking like God actually talks to her face to face!”

She would just light up like a candle, smiling those great big dimples as she gushed, relaying her words to Him as I just sat there in awe. And I’m thinking, is this fair? How is it He talks to her and not me? And how can she be so happy when her world is falling around her? Donna gave me a little maroon Bible Promises Book. She told me that whatever problem I had God had an answer for in that book. I still have that book. As a matter of fact, I have bought that book for others many times since then. But here’s the thing. We can study the Word. We can speak the Word. But until you can take those words and plant them in your heart and transform them into a love language with God, they are dead on a doorstep.

This is what Donna helped me to do. She taught me to have a relationship with God by learning to talk to him like I would anyone else. For instance, just think of talking to anyone you love in your family. You don’t pull out a book and read a script to them in a monotone voice do you? No. You have animated conversations with inflections and body language. Your eyes sparkle. You smile. You infuse your conversations with emotions. When you are talking to someone you love you are speaking from the heart. You are pouring out your heart to them. You are relating heart to heart. It is no different with God. Well, I take that back. It IS different. It is better.

Through the years on my journey to connect heart to heart with God, I found it interesting that though I have never been afraid to take centerstage in public, or meet strangers, or been the least shy about being a “ham,” I ALWAYS shied away from “saying the blessing” at any gathering. I used to listen to others just pour their hearts out with eloquence and think how blessed they were to be able to pray like that. As my faith has continued to grow, I have learned to relax and just “let her rip” with God. Privately I talk to Him through reciting the word and singing and just rambling on like to any other friend. Publicly, I am finding it easier and easier to speak through faith and share my faith with others. Because the more I surrender to it without thinking about it – the better I get at finding just the right words, at just the right time, for someone who needs to hear it.

And its all because I have learned to love God in more intimate and joyful ways then I ever could have imagined. He is my savior but he is my friend and always there. We are best friends forever! Girlfriends can be some of God’s best ministering angels to teach us about loving from the heart.

Now I am passing it forward to Johnny in unique and beautiful ways. Writing this blog has brought Johnny love and friendship, through the power of God, that has just EXPLODED in his life in ways he can hardly believe. People all over the county are pouring their hearts out to him like they have been friends all their lives. He shakes his head in wonder and sometimes get fearful because it’s hard to understand so much goodness coming at you at once. I tell him sit back and enjoy the ride and “feel the love.” This is how it is when you board “the soul train” that is fueled by God’s love. This is friendship at its very best. This is better than MySpace or Facebook could ever be. We all have more “friends in common” than the internet could fathom with a Christian community.

When God listens to you he looks at your heart. It speaks louder than any words. His heart is your heart. He is the tick. You are the tock. So just talk to him with your heart and unlock all the treasures you will find waiting there. The greatest treasure is your Heavenly friend who is waiting for another great conversation.

Beautiful Blessings!



Amanda said...

Thank you for opening up your heart with this one. It really spoke to me today because I can relate. You and Scarlett are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Anonymous said...

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