Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30

Here we are on the first day of the year – the annual chance for new beginnings! I’m sitting here reflecting on all the changes in the past year that have changed me, and looking forward to the future through a different lense than I ever have before. The one thing I have learned through this past year’s journey with Johnny is that EVERY MOMENT COUNTS! We do not have the luxury of time to waste, because we just really never know when that time will be over.

I am determined to live this year in a new way. I’m making a long “bucket list” of experiences I want to enjoy before my life is over. But that is just a part of my new appreciation for living. The most important part is giving my vital attention to my true purpose for being here. And frankly, I have come to realize, it is all about serving the Lord in my minute to minute walk with Him.

I think, as a Christian woman, we have a uniquely beautiful and powerful role to play in bringing the message of Christ to the world. We are women of influence as Mothers and Wives and share so much responsibility for shaping the lives of our families and communities that surround us. WE bring loveliness to the world. My grandmother has a favorite saying, “Beauty is as beauty does!”

This year my biggest goal is to become a more beautiful Christian woman by acting more like Christ, in all I do. I have made a list of what I call my “BEAUTY B’s” that I am posting on my mirror to remind me each morning of what I want to BE everyday. Here is my alphabetical (because it helps me memorize it) list of traits that I believe define a Christian woman and all she should be to shine that light bright!


BE Authentic – the real me is who you see!

BE Benevolent - one good turn deserves another

BE Compassionate – walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

BE Determined – I will never give up never!

BE Expressive – have I told you lately I love you?

BE Forgiving – 7 X 7 X 7 X & 7

BE Gracious - it just takes a little more to go first class!

BE Healthy – you are what you eat

BE Inspirational - lead and others follow

BE Joyful - live love laugh and be happy!

BE Kind – if the choice is to be right or be kind – be kind

BE Loving - whatever the question love is the answer

BE Merciful - always give the benefit of the doubt

BE Nice – it takes more muscles to frown than smile

BE Optimistic – your choice every morning – be happy

BE Prayerful - make your life a living prayer

BE Quiet - spend more time talking to God

BE Romantic - stop and smell the roses!

BE Strong - tough times never last but tough cookies do

BE Thankful - music to God’s ears!

BE Unflinching - close your eyes and hold on

BE Victorious - press on until you cross the finish line!

BE Wise - learn the lessons from mistakes

BE Young - the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven

BE Zealous - zap somebody to day with some Christian love!

Happy 2009 to each of you! May all your dreams come true!

Beautiful Blessings,



Jaren said...

And beautiful blessings to you, Mrs. Williams!!! I'm snagging this new year's inspiration to share on my blog...and pin up to my mirror too ;) Happy New Year!

Janice said...

I am going to put that up on my mirror also and what a way to start a new year!!!! Johnny continues to be in my prayers and I pray for his healing and daily strength. I also pray for you Rene, because I know what you are going through being the caregiver. My love to your family...Janice

Erica Larson said...

Dear Rene,
I have been reading your blog for about a week now & am in "awe" at the strong Christian woman that you are.
I relate with you on so many levels. My husband is ill & we have been fighting for a long time now. It is so hard at times to see someone you love so much suffer...It can really make you feel so alone. After reading several posts on your blog, you have reminded me that I am NEVER alone. I just need to accept Gods helping hand.
Thank you so much for your blog. You have made me want to be a stronger wife, mother, & most important...A STRONGER CHRISTIAN!!
I wish you, Johnny and Scarlett many beautiful blessings in 2009. Your family will continue to be in our prayers.
Erica Larson

Rene Williams said...

Jaren - Love what you did on your blog with the "Beauty B's!" Very creative! Also, got a chance to see your photography and you are truly gifted. Keep blessing the world!

Janice - You are an angel in disguise!

Erica - You humble me with your sweet words. Thank you. Keep the faith and we will keep you and your husband in prayer. Remember God is only a heartbeat away.

Cindy said...

Hi Rene...

Happy New Year, a little tardy, but we are still in the new year. I started a new job in November and have been happily crazy busy!

I think of you, Johnny and Scarlett on a daily basis and pray for you, too.

As I move through my fifties, these beauty B's are even more inspiration...I immediately put them up on the wall in my study right above the computer.

Rene,being the caregiver and head of household in the chore department is very hard. You described it so accurately which made me reach over to my hubby and give him a big appreciative kiss! I guess I don't realize the half of what he does.

I follow yours and Scarlett's blog and they are both so refreshing!'s been cold. The snow is beautiful, but cold. I yearn for some southern Florida sun!

Cindy Drury Clark

Rene Williams said...

Cindy! Girlfriend!

You were my best friend my Junior year in Highschool and forever have a place in my heart. So good to hear from you. Thanks for coming back into my life and your comments.

Speaking of "Beauty B's" do you remember when you used to put mayonaisse on your hair to straighten it? LOL...the things we do. I also remember sleeping on JUMBOTRON rollers under the hair dryer in a big bonnet connected to a hose to straighten mine. Oh yes, I also remember ironing my hair on the ironing board.