Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Your Grace On!

"Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" - Hebrews 4:16

Have you had your serving of grace today? Yes! Grace! That unmerited love and favor from God to man....that sprinkling of "divine influence" in action that purifies us and makes us morally strong. It is available to each of us but how often do we reach up for it and grab it?

The Lord tells us that everything Satan intends for evil will be turned around for good. I believe this to be especially true when one receives the "dreaded" diagnosis of cancer. What we come to realize is the moment of grace that is sent to us when we cry out for the Lord's help. We receive the grace of a certain clarity of vision that comes to us in the "twinkling of an eye." We suddenly just STOP in our tracks and look around at our life. Often we realize we have just been going through the motions letting the world control us, pushing us further away from the truth within us and the purpose we were created for.

Grace affords us the opportunity to re-examine everything. What matters - what doesn't. We get a new chance to start living life on purpose. You never really start living until you truly believe you are going to die. That is the gift of grace we get when we hear the "C" word. You suddenly realize in that twinkling of an eye that you don't have a moment to spare in living every moment.

It is the time when everything you are made of comes to light. It is a delight to see Johnny's "warrior spirit" surface in the face of this new challenge. He has recovered from the "left hook" of the diagnosis and the first chemo and neulasta shot, and he has come back swinging! Here is a man who understands what BOLDLY coming to the throne of grace means. In the dictionary the word bold means ready to take risks, or face danger, with a FEARLESSNESS.

He has reached deep within to that well of strength that flows from that Almighty source. He has connected with the roots planted deep so many years ago by his Mother and Grandmother in the Baptist church of his childhood. They obediently raised him up in the ways of the Lord and he has come back around full circle to surrender to the greatest source of power in the universe. He finally understands because he has "come home."

This is a miracle in itself. The outpouring of love from friends and strangers and the avalanches of prayers being prayed by so many has transformed Johnny's definition of what is possible. As he boldly comes to the throne of grace he now boldly proclaims his acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is Lord and humbly bows to Him as savior of his soul and body.

He now boldly speaks of God to everyone.

He now boldly prays with people.

He now boldly thinks "what would Jesus do" in his actions.

He boldly tells people he loves them.

I don't think he ever realized how beautiful he is when he prays. He tells other people "well I don't have all those wonderful words like you do...." Yes he does. Because when he prays he simply speaks from his heart. He talks to God just like he talks to you and me. That's how it should be. Prayers are merely conversations we have with our heavenly Father. We got a card yesterday that compared prayer to a toll free 800 line to God 24/7. I love it! Have you made your call today?

I encourage each of you to get your grace on today! You don't have to earn it. The Lord gives it to us just because He loves us. Remember there is nothing that can happen today that you and God can't handle together. So get some grace to go.

Go in peace!

In His Love,


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Shari Collins said...

Hello again! Rene God has truly given you a gift. When you wrote about how Johnny says "I don't have all the wonderful words like you do," that so much reminded me of myself. When I talk to people I get nervous and fall all over my words.
You would think that a journel of someone with the cancer would be depressing. Your family has found a way to turn it around to be a real blessing. The journel that is, not the illness.
Today's entree was extra special to me. As you know I have been going through some real changes in my life this last year. Before Ralph left to go to school I took him for granted all the time. He spoiled me. I knew that he was always just a phone call away and he'd come home. It doesn't work that way now. I still get angry with him while he is away. Mostly because I'm like a child and I pout because he isn't here with me. BUT, when he does get to come home, we spend every minute loving and bonding all over again. It took him leaving me, to go to school that is, to make me really realized how blessed I am to have such a great husband.
I am so proud of Johnny. To me there is nothing more special then a man of fire for the Lord.
Again, I have so much more inside I want to say but I can't seem to get it out right. In closing I will share what helps me during tough moments. When fear comes in like a flood I keep repeating this, "I let the peace of God rule in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything."
God bless the Williams family!
In Christ Love,
Shari Collins