Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom's Letter

It's Wednesday morning and Johnny has really been under the weather with flu symptoms and EXTREME bone pain. He lost 7 pounds in one day. It's so heartrending to watch one you love suffer and feel helpless beyond keeping him comfortable and popping the Moutrin to him every 4 hours. He took a leftover darvocet last nite which helped him sleep a little better.

My thoughts traveled back to my Mother in times of my own pain. I remember one particular incident in my younger adult years when I had come back home to visit after another detour in life. I just cried and cried next to her on the bed and she swept me up in her arms and bundled me into her warm soft chest and wrapped her arms around me and let me cry while she stroked my hair. Now THAT is medicine no one can bottle! It's wonderful that Mothers always wait with loving arms for us to come to whether it be a child with a boo boo that needs a band-aid or or a grown woman with a heartache.

How is it that Mothers always have the right words to say for any given crisis? My Mom, Mary Elisabeth Bowdren, is a skilled writer whether she admits it or not. We used to tease her about her letters we would watch her write. No letter was perrfect until it had been written and re-written to peerfection. It was important fo here to convey exactly what was coming from her heart.

And so, when this latest e-mail came from her I smiled and secretly wondered how many re-takes it took her to write this one. When I asked her she said this one was written only once. I love the way she always includes Dad's name on everything she writes. For if eveer two were one - they are. Thanks Mom. You lift my wings and help me fly again:

Dear Johnny, Rene and Scarlett:

After hearing the news on Thursday, we were shocked and unbelieving of the diagnosis and prognosis. The doctor said that the treatment should start right away.

God works in strange ways to make things happen and only He knows why.

I am going to mention a few things and hope that they will give you strength.

When your dad was given the diagnosis of stage 4 Lymphoma cancer, the doctor told me to call the children home immediately. But your dad remembered, (no praise for me), the advice I received from my radiate oncologist - "A positive attitude is 95% of recovery." Your dad said, "Mary,we can do this." I would ask that you be strong and move ahead with prayer, family support an d encouragement.. Don't misunderstand - he was one sick man but kept going when he didn't feel like it. He got through it with prayer and love.

Then there was you, our daughter who was far, far more ill than her dad. Tho' we were not with you as much as we would of liked, Johnny, Scarlett and your friends took wonderful care of you. You were very sick and we all were so worried, but God took wonderful care of you assisted by through prayers, love, and your Angel birds.

As Johnny starts his chemo treatments, things will start looking up giving him encouragement, feeling better and being better.

We have Emailed family and friends for prayers, the lighting of candles, and the placing of Johnny's name on daily prayer lists.

We, of course, are always ready to be there as you need us for hugs, kisses and encouragement. We love you all and are always here for you. Remember,



Mom and Dad

Remember, there is always "HOPE"!!!

P.S from Rene................Isnt my Mom the greatest? :)

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Scarlett Lillian said...

Grandma is the best!! I would say the best mom too, but YOU are that to me. She is definitely who you get it from though! :-)