Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Do You Pray?

Do you ever think about who your God is to you when you pray? Do you believe in your heart that He truly has the power to care about little ole you in the midst of that mighty universe He is so busy running? And do you believe that indeed we have access to that power through prayer? If He is in us then we are in Him and all is one right?

So if I am to remain at peace and know my universe is under control at all times I must be able to trust in that immense mightiness. If I am to trust in it I must believe in it. If I am to believe in it then I must know it and understand Him in the very core of my heart. I must KNOW He is there. I must SEE the face of God. And at any given moment if I am asked "Who is your God?" I must not hesitate to describe Him so others may see what I know to be true in every fiber of my being.

I created the following prayer of thanks that I memorized by heart so that at any given moment I would be able to access Him through KNOWING my source of His power. I recite this every morning when I wake up and every moment I feel fear:

Thank You Lord for waking me to another day of serving You.

I thank you for ALWAYS BEING AVAILABLE to me every second, every minute, every hour, every day of my life. You are ALWAYS on time no matter ewhat time I call you. And you ALWAYS aanswer all prayer.

I thank you Lord for BLESSING ME WITH BEAUTY in all I see, all I hear, all I feel, and all I touch. Your beauty is everywhere and in everyone.

I thank You Lord for COMFORTING ME WITH COMPASSION when I make mistakes. Your understanding and forgiveness get me up off my knees when I make mistakes. Today I forgive all who have offended me and ask forgiveness for all who I have offended.

I thank You Lord for DESIGNING MY DREAMS according to Your divine plan for my life You alone know my true hart's desire and what I was born too do.

I thank You Lord for EXPECTING EXCELLENCE in all I do to greater maximize my potential to serve You and glorify You.

I thank You Lord for FRESHENING THE FOUNDATION of my heart with your unconditional love and power. I can do all things through You because you strengthen me.

I thank You Lord for GIVING ME GRACE to handle every situation and day with Your Divine solutions. I know there is nothing that can happen today that You and I can't handle together.

I thank You Lord for HELPING ME TO HEAL when my heart, my body or my spirit is weal. Your love is the best medicine I could ever take!

I thank You Lord for INSTILLING INTEGRITY in me to always do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place so others will learn of You through my example.

I thank You Lord for JUMPSTARTING MY JOY with Your laughter and music. You put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

I thank You Lord for KINDLING YOUR KINDNESS in me reminding me how treat each person I meet as my neighbor to love as I love myself.

I thank You Lord LIFTING ME WITH YOUR LOVE so I will rememvber - whatever the question love is the answer.

I thank You Lord MAKING MY LIFE A MASTERPIECE painted with heavenly strokes of amazing grace by your mighty hand.

I thank You Lord for NEVER NOTICING my flaws but always magnifying my best assets to serve you.

I thank You Lord for ORGANIZING MY OPPORTUNITES that appear each day and remembering that miraclexs are all around us if we will just open our eyes with an expectant heart.

I thank You Lord for PROTECTING ALL THAT IS PRECIOUS TO ME and guarding my family, my friends, and my pets as any shepherd would guard His flock.

I thank You LOrd for QUENCHING MY SOUL WITH QUET so I can hear Your whispers to my heart. I know in silence I can find You whenever I seek zYou.

I thank You LOrd for STRENGTHENING MY SPIRIT when I am weak by carrying me on YOUR Shoulders. It is at these moments I see only one set of footprints in the sand.

I thank You LOrd for TEACHING ME TO TRUST YOU that all is well all the time - even when I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I thank You Lord for unveiling Your universe before me everytime I look out across the ocean or up at the stars. Your magnificence takes my breath away.

I thank you for WRITING YOUR WISDOM in Your instruction book called the bible. You are the beacon of light my soul follows.


And most of all LOrd, thank You for ZAPPING ME WITH THE ZEAL I need to spread the news today of Your saving grace and love in Jesus' name - AMEN!


Cindy said...


Your prayer is beautiful! Makes my heart sing. We are joining you in prayer from Connecticut, dear friend.

I am sorry that you have to face this challenge right now...But you blow me away with your faith!!

Johnny...your obviously in good hands!

Cindy Drury Clark

Rene Williams said...

Dear Dear Cindy!

We've come a long way from Mary Immaculate School in Keywest, Florida. Life was so simple back then it seemed. I'll never forget my precious time with you as we went through highschool trauma and dramas.

Ah the good ole days of basking on the roof with mayonaise in our hair and talking about boys, boys boys! Thanks for caring after all these years.