Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome family and friends!

Thanks for joining us on this journey of faith. We appreciate the outpouring of love letters, emails, cards and phone calls that we have received from all of you. We now realize how overwhelming it is to go through the experience, as well as respond to everyone and keep them updated on the progress, so Scarlett and I decided to start this blog that we can both contribute to and faciliate greater communication between all of us. Be sure to sign up on the subscription list on the side which will automatically email you everytime we update the blog so you can stay up to date easily.

Here is an email I sent out recently to family and friends with the initial news and prognosis and requests to keep Johnny encouraged through your continued love letters and caring. Though we can not respond to everyone personally, we are thankful beyond measure for all your efforts and time spent to reach out and share God's love and prayers.


Today the oncologist told us that Johnny's lung cancer has been diagnosed malignant non-small cell lung cancer in stage 4. He recommends chemo therapy (which will not cure - only relieve symptoms and reduced the has entered the bloodstream and spread to the adrenal glands.)He will start tomorrow afternoon and every three weeks for 3 sessions then evaluate progress after that with a pet scan. The prognosis is 6-12 months with the chemo and 2-3 months left without treatment.

This is a very difficult day for Johnny, Scarlett, and me, spent in tears of shock and unbelief. We have not called anyone yet except Mom and Dad to tell the news. We want to wait. Today we rallied together as we have weathered every other past crisis in our lives and spent alot of time hugging and praying as we strengthen our faith. We have cried our eyes out together and allowed ourselves a one day pity party. Now we are ready to face this giant and give the ole devil a boot in his pants!

Stand back cancer cause the Williamses are comin at ya! We are grabbing that "sword of the spirit" and charging ahead! We are putting on that helmet of salvation...........that breastplate of rightousness.......girding our waists with the sash of truth......grabbing our sandals to turn this test into a TESTIMONY and getting ready to PRAY without BELIEVE we will receive HIS promises.......

We're knocking and we know the door will be opened. We're seeking and we are going to find that victory......that peace that surpasses all understanding. We are taking Paul's advice and to we plan to be content in whatever state we are! We are overcomers and this is the Lord's fight. We have the confidence of David who dared to challenge Goliath against unbeatable odds.

Get ready devil! Every morning when we wake up you can start trembling and say "Ut oh! They're up!" We are going to hit the ground running praising God and thanking Him for all his blessings and claiming that power to know NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God. We can do all things because He strengthens us!

We ask all of you to arm us with as much prayer as you can rally up. Tell your friends. Get those prayer chains rolling. PLease write Johnny snail mail letters to give him a reason to go to the mailbox each day for encouragement. It was my greatest joy when I went thnrough my own journey. Our address is:

Johnny Williams
11747 Greenland Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32258

I have already started an "inspiration wall for Johnny in the kitchen. I will tape up every letter on the wall so if he has a down moment he can walk by and remember all those who care for him.

I will call all of you in the next few days. We needed today alone. When you call the house please ask for Johnny first. Please encourage him in terms of "we will win this fight!" We are no longer focusing on the grim diagnosis. All positive thinnking now.

God sent us an angel this morning in the lobby before we went in to speak to the doc. She was a bald headed smiling plump and happy lady. She patted my hand as we sat there and said "Listen! I told the doctor - dont tell me any bad news. I dont want to know how long I have cause I'll just spend my time counting down the clock to death. Just tell me how we're going to fight this thing!" And then she hopped up and went merrily on her way to chemotherapy.

We are taking her advive. Never give up! Never! Never! Never!

Thanks to all of you for your calls and cards so far as we figured out what was wrong with Johnny. We appreciate your tender loving care. WE ask you to join with us as we win this mighty battle. Dream team - ten hut! And Mr. Devil? You can kiss my grits! God wins everytime!


Most importantly as we journey to victory, we hope that this blog will set other souls on fire for the Lord and help them achieve their own victories in Jesus' name.

Beautiful blessings,



Jen Harris said...

Amen! I am praying for healing and comfort as you guys once again fight this fight. You are never alone in this battle! Love and Prayers on the West Coast, Jen

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

I'm Holding up hands of healing prayers to God for you!!

Anonymous said...

God is good, and He is so faithful an kind. I thank you both, Mr. and Mrs. Williams for being beautiful people and gifting me with Scarlett :) I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and I wanted to personally thank you for the time, energy and love you have poured into your daughter, because she is truly an angel on earth. That being said, it speaks volumes for the people that have endeared and reared her! I pray for you both often and I will continue to do so as I proclaim healing and miracles on your behalf!

jamiedelaine said...

I just felt shivers going up and down my spine when I read this: your faith lifts ME up and inspires ME and your family is such a blessing to me through the blogosphere. :) I'm praying that God will continue to renew your strength each morning.

amy said...

Thinking of all of you and praying for victory! Please let my parents know if you guys need anything - they are right in the backyard!

Amy Lahey

Brenda said...

Johnny, Rene and Scarlett,

We are praying for you! We did this four years ago, and look where Rene is now! We are praying for the same results. Rene, you are a walking miracle and I believe in miracles! Never, ever, give up! Always keep the faith and we are right next door. Johnny, let me know what kind of chocolate you need to keep going. I make regular trips to Gainesville! Brenda

Penny said...

I know you thur watching and commenting on Scarlett's blog. My heart was heavy as I was reading your letter and tears filled my eyes and wonder I don't know this man yet my heart is full of love for him and his family. Lots of Prayers and Lots of Love is being sent your way.
One Day At A Time.
Your Friend

Anonymous said...

I have followed Scarlett's blog for a while now, she is awesome.
I will be praying for you all in the days to come, and the miracle of god's love and grace will certainly follow.

Ralph said...

Ralph collins said

I have known my friend Jonhny for 12 years more or less. I worked for him those years. We had good times and not so good times but when all was said and done we worked it out. For me not only was he my boss he is my brother. As is Rene is my sister. This is one of the reasons I went back in the Army to fight for people like them I will always be there for them if they need me. Johnny gave me alot and I will never forget the words we spoke. The Victory will be yours my friend, you will always have a brother in me. Thank you and God Bless you. You Know I Will Be Praying for all of you.

Michelle said...

I'm praying for your family!!!!

Jona Lee Photography said...

I say this all with joyfull tears rolling down my face!
Just remember Satan does NOT have the victory of this battle because it is already won!!! The Lord Jesus Christ has the victory, and Johnny you WILL win, you will dance and rejoice like you never have before!!!
You need to sing the song "I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down in my heart!" And you have to mean it, dance if you can!
You guys should to go Lakeland, Fl to the healing revival that is being lead by Todd Bentley. You can also see the revival on
or go to and type in lakeland florida revival
I deeply encourage you to do so!!!

Johnny you are in my prayers, and I will continue to pray for the joyfully party that you and your family will soon celebrate in the victory!!!
Jona Lee

Jona Lee Photography said...

Isis said...

I too am filled with tears. Scarlett serves as a virtual inspiration to us all and it takes incredible parents to raise that type of individual. Know that we are praying for strength for you and your family both far and near...and I whole heartedly agree, the devil has got quite a fight coming his way!
~ Isis, NJ

Scarlett Lillian said...

Thank you all my wonderful blog readers for stopping by this blog too to share your love with my dad!!! It means so much to him to read all your uplifting comments!

Bruce said...


My name is Bruce Taylor and I went to high school with Johnny. My prayers go out to your family. I was diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell about two months ago. I have my third treatment this Friday at the VA in Gainesville.